Our top 6 picks for petrol heads!

Have you made a start on your Christmas shopping yet? Looking for something which will really rev the engine of someone who’s crazy for their car (or motorbike!)? Then you’re in the right place! Check out our gift guide to help you find the perfect present for them this Christmas!

1.Autoglym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels and Interior Gift Collection

autoglym gift setWhy we love it: This Autoglym gift pack has everything! It’s a huge collection of goodies to help your loved one keep their beloved car or bike sparkling through the winter. Play your cards right and they might even do yours while they’re at it!


Perfect for: The person who always has a pristine car. They love nothing better than a bit of wax-on, wax-off, and can be seen out on the drive every Saturday morning!



  1. Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

motorbike helmetWhy we love it: Did you know that you should replace your motorcycle helmet every few years? Maybe you’re just looking to get your motorcycling partner a spare helmet so you can join them on rides! Either way, our helmet goes above and beyond the safety standards, achieving a 4 star SHARP rating!

Perfect for: Bikers! If you know someone who can’t keep themselves away from the open road, this is a great gift.



  1. Karcher K2 Car Pressure Washer

karcher pressure washerWhy we love it: No matter how much they like pampering their car, sometimes you don’t want to be spending all day outside with a bucket and sponge! This pressure washer includes all the accessories you need for washing your car quickly and easily, so they can keep things looking great all through winter.

Perfect for: People who like washing their cars… and power tools! Let’s face it, half the attraction of getting out the pressure washer is getting to play with the big toys for a bit.


  1. Halfords Car Wash Kit

183073aWhy we love it: Want to treat your petrol-head? Treat their car! Our car wash kit contains everything they need to keep their car looking its best, from shampoo and sponges to cloths and applicator pads!

Perfect for: This kit makes a great stocking filler for car lovers who have just gotten a new car and want to look after it, or to spruce up someone’s old cleaning kit!




  1. Autoglym Clay Surface Detailing Clay Kit

autoglym clay kitWhy we love it: Detailing clay helps you go one step further when cleaning your car, getting rid of any extra contaminants on the paintwork so that you’re left with an ultra-smooth surface ready for polishing. This kit includes a clay bar, detailing spray, polish and cloths. Their car will be so shiny that you’ll be able to see their smiling face in it!

Perfect for: The person in your life who knows that car cleaning is serious business! Even after you think the car is done, they’ll be polishing away and trying to find an even deeper shine.



  1. Ring Lithium Power Pack

ring power packWhy we love it: Want to get a practical present? The Ring Lithium Power Pack is small, but packs enough power to jump start a car! It’s rechargeable and great to keep in your car through the colder months. They’ll thank you for it when it gets them out of a sticky situation!

Perfect for: The person in your life who either does a lot of miles, or has a car for nice days which doesn’t do many miles at all!

So, those are our top gifts for petrol heads this Christmas! Keep an eye out for more gift guides on the blog, and don’t forget to take a look at our great range of motoring accessories here!

What are you hoping for for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!